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Gala Extendable No Dust Broom 2 in 1: 1 Unit

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Key Features 

  • Engineered from polymer fibres
  • Does not produce broom dust Expandable Handle Washable
  • Best floor grip
  • Soft & Flexible
  • Good hand-feel
  • Flagged fibres at the tips to sweep a larger area
  • Ergonomically designed handle

How Does the Product Help Consumers?

  • Floor & Ceiling Broom : Just twist the handle to extend it and dust the ceiling or fan with the same broom.
  • Goodbye ‘New Broom Dust’ : Unlike natural grass brooms that shed grass bits during the first few days of use, this No Dust broom is one-of-its-kind that does not leave any broom dust. It gives a clean sweeping experience from Day 1.
  • Washable Broom? Yes! : The most common issue with regular brooms is that they cannot be made wet. But, the No Dust broom can be easily rinsed in water regularly.
  • Lasts 3X Longer : Regular brooms need to be replaced once every three months but this No Dust broom lasts you 3 times more than a regular broom.
  • 100% Made in India : And an Innovation Award 2016 winner – one of the many reasons why you should own it!

Frequently Asked Questions1.Can I wash this broom with water?

  • Ans : Yes, it is easily washable, unlike regular brooms.

2. Does the extendable handle lock?

  • Ans : Yes, you need to twist, pull and lock.

How to Use

  • Just open from the pack and start using it from Day 1. It does not shed broom dust or bhusa unlike regular brooms.

Any Other Must-Know InformationIt’s a floor broom. It’s a ceiling broom. It’s both. This innovative 2-in-1 No Dust Broom by Gala has an expandable handle, so you don’t need to bend and sweep the floor and you can dust the cobwebs from the ceiling and fans with the same broom.

Also, regular brooms made of natural grass usually leave a lot of tiny seed parts (broom dust) from its bristles, during the first few days of use. This causes extra dirt rather than getting your floor clean. The thin grass stalks also don’t last very long, and the broom needs to be replaced within 2-3 months. They cannot be made wet too. With Gala’s revolutionary No Dust Broom, you can enjoy a clean experience from Day 1. It has been innovatively designed using fibres in a geometry that suits Indian style of sweeping. Plus, it’s washable. So, get set to sweep, rinse and repeat.

About the BrandGala Brush is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of cleaning tools in India since 1986.


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