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Glow & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Face Cream : 50 gms

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Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin is inspired by the treatments offered by experts. Based on the sound scientific understanding of the problems addressed and solutions provided by expert treatments this product targets key fairness problems like suntan, darkness, dark circles and dullness.

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream works like a face polish treatment, which is often used to treat sun tanning. The SPF 15 Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin product targets suntan by preventing the skin from tanning and reducing the excess pigmentation.

The cream works like a laser treatment that targets spots. The ingredients used in the product, target spots caused by concentration of melanin. Also, this helps to lighten existing spots and prevent new spots and marks from appearing.

Fair and Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin’¬ís new formulation contains powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin C known to reduce free radical damage to skin and have been clinically proven to effectively reduce dark circles.

Like a face peel treatment, which targets dullness through removal of dead skin cells, Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin targets dullness from within. The active Vitamin B3 is known to stimulate skin cell turnover and promote new skin regeneration for glowing skin.

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